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How much I miss my tripod

It has been a big surprise for me over the last couple of weeks being in Australia how much I have missed my tripod. It was a decision I didn’t give much thought to whist packing as trying to carry my metal tripod would have taken far too much weight but I am beginning to miss it!

When I first started taking photographs I never used to shoot using a tripod and even when I went to college to do my National Diploma in Photography I would prefer to hold the camera myself even in the studio. Professionally the only time I saw a tripod being used was during weddings in dark churches from the top of the isle. Being an assistant at the time I thought a tripod was an inconvenience that I had to dash to the car to fetch in between shooting candid photographs of people entering the church and the end of the first song. Setting it up in silence ready for the photographer to take ‘the kiss’

It wasn’t until I was shooting in a portrait studios and had use of a boom tripod that I began to see the merits of using it. It allowed me to not have to carry or hold the camera whilst posing or trying to cajole that all important smile from a toddler and shooting using a remote release.

When I got my latest camera I decided I would take it everywhere with my despite its bulk and that included my tripod. It was a burden to begin with but soon it was soon rare that I would take any photos without it. I was shooting perhaps less then half the photos I would normally shoot but the quality of them were so much better. Even on the days I would go out hill walking without the tripod I would find myself wishing I had it.

Now being out in Australia I have been trying to concentrate on shooting as if I was using a tripod keeping my number of frames down and quality high. Even so one things definitely for sure I have been straightening up a lot more horizon lines in post production now I don’t have a tripod!

There is no prize for guessing what I will be spending my pocket money on next!

Image credit:
prozac1 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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