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Opportunist Photography ….



[Cf. F. opportunisme.]
The art or practice of taking advantage of opportunities or circumstances, or of seeking immediate advantage with little regard for ultimate consequences.

I always keep my camera or any camera I can close to hand.  You never know when you may need it! This evening while playing around with the HDR automator in Photoshop I heard some fireworks go off. I grabbed my camera and ran outside to see if I could catch them on my new canon 5d.  It was a good job I did the fireworks lasted for several minutes allowing me to catch them perfectly.

Living in Val D’isere in the French Alps is a perfect place for me to expand my portfolio with a selection of images that not many photographers can catch. Its a perfect way of showing how my lifestyle helps me with my creativity. Many photographers have studios and a base from which they work where as I travel around and capture as much as I can in several places.

For one of the photos I used the HDR in photoshop.  I will write a tutorial of how it works soon but in this instance I don’t think the final image is as good as the one I merged myself in photoshop!



When I do photoshop work I have to be quick to keep my productivity high.  I like to use big brushes with plenty of feathering to achieve my results.  It is easy to become trapped trying to edit one photo to perfection, precisely with pixel to pixel accuracy but often the results are no better, even when zoomed in on that a quick edit! Having a camera which has a larger output is also a great help!

Follow this link to see all my images taken of theVal D’isere Fireworks

Val D’isere Fireworks – Images by Thomas Jupe

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