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Mini Project – Chest Harness for my Canon 5d – Bike Shoot

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Mountain Biking Photos shot using chest harness taken from the riders perspective. Shoot done over cross country terain taken as part of an extreme sports / health and fitness project.

This post is about how I decided to make a chest harness for my Canon 5d.  Thanks has to go out to @chasejarvis who always provides me with the inspiration and the motivation to drop what I am doing and grab my camera and shoot stuff!

These photos came from my own mini photography project to make a chest harness for my Canon Digital SLR.  For a while I have been reading reviews of helmet cams and mounts for recording mountain biking exploits and other outdoor activities and hadn’t been successful in finding the right quality piece of kit for what I wanted.  It always seemed to me that it would be best if I could use my SLR to get the desired quality out of the stills.
It was while I was watching the Chase Jarvis podcast I saw the lowe pro chest harness for an SLR so I jumped off my bed and shortened the straps on my SLR as short as they would go and realised I could shorten them enough to get the camera onto my chest.  After scrabbling round for my old cheap wide angle lens I used to use on my 20D I also found an old belt that would hold the camera into my chest.  Chopping a hole in a teeshirt to protect the camera from the elements I contemplated the problem of releasing the shutter whilst keeping my hands on the bars so I grabbed my shutter release timer I use for time release videos and set it to shoot every few seconds.
It was only cheap and loads of fun to mess around with.  Below is a series of stills off the camera of my final images I hope you like they inspire you to go out and work on that project you have had in the back of your mind for a while!

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