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10 Top RSS Feeds Every Photographer Should Read

I have been following several RSS Feeds and I thought it was about time I reviewed 10 of my favourites.  These RSS Feeds give me many things from inspiration to industry news. They are in no particular order so I hope you will follow them all.  Add them to your RSS reader of choice and enjoy reading them with your morning coffee!

A Pictures Worth – Photoshelter

Photoshelter is a fantastic site in itself and if you haven’t had a look at it you should!

Even if you are not using their services though you should be reading their blog. Written by PhotoShelter co-founders, Allen Murabayashi & Grover Sanschagrin, it has their take on the photo industry, photographer websites, selling photos, SEO, gear and more.  An invaluable source for anyone in the industry.

A Photo Editor

Written by former photography director Rob Haggart, this is a source of common sense for photographers! As a photographer some of the best advice is the advice that comes from your customers or photo buyers.  With up to date industry news interspersed with interviews from Rob’s contacts that he has built up as a man with his finger right on the pulse, this has to be one of the best RSS Feeds for photographers.

Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis is one of the current day’s great photographers, not just for his fantastic and inspiring work but also because of what he gives back.  Chase blogs about his work, gear and lifestyle.  With posts about how he creates his images, industry conventions he has spoken at and so much more.  Chase Jarvis is a hero of the photography world. It is also worth my mentioning that in other parts of his website there are videos of his shoots that are well worth watching!

Jim M Golstein

Jim Golstein is a travel and landscape photographer who has a particular interest in nature. His blog displays some of his photos from his shoots which are well worth a look at.

Joe McNally

Based in New York, Joe McNally has an impressive CV amongst which lies 20 years of shooting for National Geographic.  Blogging eccentrically about life as a photographer, his shoots and his projects to put back into the photography community the skills he has learned.  I think the most wonderful thing is the amount of variety his work carries.

Peta Pixel

An open vault that is constantly updated with new jewels of the photographic world. Aimed at technically minded photographers it hosts information on the more technical side of digital photography. Written by Michael Zhang and Jessica Lum together they produce some amazing content that I cannot get enough of.


Photocritic is written in a very individual style and the content is always forthcoming. Articles are a range of funny personal projects and opinions on all aspects of photography by the editor.

Scot Wydon

Scott Wyden is a photographer based in New Jersey he is currently on number 315 of his 365 series.  Most of these series are like kissing your dog, they are cute but kind of stink at the same time.   With this one I have enjoyed the photographers style throughout and its broken up with other interesting articles.

The Photoletariat

This is a fantastic read, the articles are like full magazine pieces and have great content. Recent articles have content about workflow, technology and philosophy. I can’t wait for the next article to be published.

Light Stalking

With guest posts from several contributor, Light Stalkers hosts articles with how-tos on computer software, camera techniques and post production workflows.  Some of the articles are a bit soft but there are some gems.

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