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BBC News – In pictures: Hasselblad Masters

I have just been looking at the photographs of the Hasselblad Masters competition some of them have just gone on display on the BBC news website.

BBC News – In pictures: Hasselblad Masters

For a competition that is acknowledged to be one of the most prestigious awards the industry has to offer I found the finalists work quite uninspiring.

Disheartened I decided to have a look on the Hasselblad Masters website and although the quality of work is much better than those that are displayed on the BBC website I still found a lot of the entries uninspiring.

That said the work of 2009 winners like Mark Holthusen who merges traditional styles with a digital age to produce an inspiring set of images.  London based Dirk Rees is another photographer who was a winner in 2009 who’s work stood out for me.

Here’s hoping that the judges for this years competition find some outstanding talent for their winners this year.  Perhaps one of the most exciting things about the Hasselblad Masters award is the fact that its open for up and coming photographers and established photographers.

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