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Carrying DSLR kit through the airport

Packing for travelling Australia for a year is a challenge for anyone especially when your financing the trip yourself and want to take your DSLR kit with you. I looked online before the trip and it seemed the internet was saturated with flight information for travelling from America to Australia. Flying from the UK it was going to be different. Checking on my carrier’s website I saw that I could add camera gear to my hold space at an extra cost, much like you add ski equipment or bicycles. Being weary of having my gear put in the hold, especially as we had a change in China, I really wanted to keep it all where I could keep my hands on it.

After rooting around on the internet I realised there was a loophole with a lot of carriers that (for ladies mostly!) they are able to take in addition to their hand luggage, a small handbag. After investigating this further on my airline’s website I noticed this applied also (perhaps obviously) with duty free carrier bags and “small cameras”

Granted a Canon 5D mk2 cannot be called a “small camera” but I was willing to push my luck. With my camera on my shoulder, all the batteries emptied out my flashgun and any small accessories, chargers and cables that could be replaced at a small cost in the hold, my hand luggage passed the 7kg check even with my Macbook Pro and a paperback inside!

Please note this is just my experience and I advise everyone to read the information on their airline’s website before travelling and as I was, be prepared to pay the extra should it come to it. Arguing with check in staff is definitely not advised as they can make things even more difficult for you!

Photo Credit:
Bag photo from Chicago Mike’s Photoblog

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