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Australia – The journey across!

Well for those of you who don’t know I have packed up my bags and along with my enduring partner Emily we have embarked on a new adventure.  The thomasjupe.com blog has moved to Australia! We will be travelling around Australia for the next year and I hope to keep this blog going although content updates will depend on wifi access so blog articles may be posted in clumps! 

The Journey
With a past history of some truly eventful journeys under our belts, Emily and I approached the idea of travelling all the way round the world with unease. Our history includes some of the worst possible hiccups from writing off my car in the french alps, forgetting my credit card in Paris North Station, Emily getting stuck on the tarmac of manchester airport for 10 hours before the flight being cancelled and so on!
This trip fortunately passed without so many calamities, of course there were a few set backs, being stuck for an extra 2 hours in Shanghai Airport with not a clue as to when they would open the flight or cancel it completely being my favourite and of course we must be the only people able to land at the start of summer in Melbourne with rain coming down! 
Of course in keeping with my “photography blog” genre I have my Canon 5D Mark 2 with me and over the course of the journey have documented small fragments of it using the impressive HD video recording capabilities. With over 10GB of raw video chilling out on my hard-drive waiting to be processed into a watchable movie, it may take a while but watch this space for my first venture into the DSLR HD video world. 
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