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HD Video of Cowes Pier – Phillip Island – Canon 5D Mark2

With the introduction of HD video filming capabilities added to DSLR, coining the term HDSLR given our tendency to refer to everything with confusing letters, it has been inevitable that more photographers would start taking up videography.

I have been fortunate in the support of several people who have helped me grasp a few fundamentals of this strange and scary new world. Without them providing the (for them) obvious information, I would still be making a fool of myself on message forums across the internet. I would like to thank them.

I have to date shot two videos using my canon 5D mk2. The first was an epic documentary of our trip to Australia where we are currently riding out rising flood waters rather than getting rid of our rather British complexions. The documentary will be online as soon as I can find an internet connection fast enough to upload it and a soundtrack that I will not infringe peoples copyrights with. More time consuming than one would have thought!

For now I provide you with my second exploit into videography. It is a short, shot from Cowes Pier on Phillip Island where I am currently staying. It features two time releases and some arty nonsense that I hope you all find stimulating and not a bore.

Many thanks for viewing and I hope you will all leave comments.

Cowes Pier in the Evening Light. Phillip Island, Australia from Thomas Jupe on Vimeo.

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