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Mario Testino – Engagement Photographs of Prince William & Kate Middleton

Due to my travels this article is probably a little ‘out of fashion’

That said I feel my 10 cents need be input. From the series of photographs taken by acclaimed photographer Mario Testino this beautiful portrait of Prince William and Kate Middleton to celebrate their engagement is a simple and very pure image. By this I mean there is nothing abstract, nothing radically different and no pioneering techniques.

Testino has been criticised for this from what I have read on the web, questions of high fees for such simplistic images were asked. I think this is ridiculous for the following reason.

Mario Testino is not a technical photographer, he has never claimed to be so, he has openly claimed in the past to leave all those aspects of photography to his assistants. What makes Mario Testino a genius in photography is his ability to interact with his subject. To know them and make them relaxed in such a way that their inhibitions float away.

To be asked to do a portrait session of a young couple, who are under huge intense publicity, where a camera shooting photos of you provokes feelings of pressure and signifies crowded rooms of clamouring journalists, to make them feel at ease and give such a relaxed pose of intimacy, thats what makes Mario Testino a genius.

Seeing this photograph my mind was taken back to the photographs of Princess Diana taken by Mario Testino which I viewed in London’s famous Portraits Gallery. This shot of her son with his fiancee will surely fit in with their family album perfectly and after all thats what a good portrait is for … just my 10 cents anyway!

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