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Tooradin Overnight Stop – Victoria – Australia

beauty, estuary, landscape, river, sunset, Tooradin, victoria, stopover, campervan, travelling, australiaWe were fortunate to find Tooradin, a little town on the map with not much in it save a petrol station and a couple of shops and cafes. According to our trusty, if not slightly out of date, Camps 4 guide and map there would be somewhere to have a quick shower and use the ‘facilities’ before heading down the road to the Swamp Tower Reserve in Koo-wee-rup observation tower where we could sleep for the night.

Little did we know Tooradin had so much more to offer us! It became apparent that a couple of other campers were in the overspill carpark by the boat launch and looked pretty settled in. Upon conversing with an amicable elderly chap in a motorhome it became apparent that the warden didn’t mind people stopping overnight. After inspecting the gates that were so overgrown and rusted open I decided, using my powers of deduction that the elderly chap was probably right.

Tooradin has plenty of facilities with BBQ areas, boat launching facilities, showers, toilets and best of all beauty.

As the sun went down I grabbed my camera and shot away happily preserving the moment. I even had a quick visit from a wild pelican down on beach but it turned out he was more interested in a young lad using the sinks at the top of the beach to gut his days catch!

The next morning I found an honesty box and deposited most of the change that I had been hauling around Melbourne in my back pocket for the last couple of days!

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