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Aireys Inlet – Split Point Lighthouse – The Great Ocean Road

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Having spent the morning and early afternoon around Torquay and at Bells Beach we pushed allong the road a little way to Aireys Inlet.

Here there is a delightful little lighthouse which boasts some fantastic views along the coast. The weather wasn’t so delightful but I snapped a few shots and we had a walk out along the cliffs.

Split Point Lighthouse was errected in 1891 to protect the ships that were navigating the treacherous waters of Bass Strait. It was built by a Melbourne company, Anderson and Sons, and stands at 34 meters. As well as serving as a lighthouse it was also a huge tourist attraction and the lighthouse keepers have always served as guides to their workplace.

Such a beautiful lighthouse has gained a reputation and has stared in a couple of films, including Mad Max and (the coolest part for me!) stared in television shows including Round the Twist.

My favourite fact of the afternoon was about the last keeper of the lighthouse, Richard Baker, who scratched a hole in the black paint on the back of the lantern so he could go off to the pub when he was on shift and still see a shaft of light so he knew that the lantern was still lit!

Tours do still go up the lighthouse regularly throughout the day but to book a private tour you can call 1800 174 045

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