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The Great Ocean Road – Cape Patton Lookout

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Cape Patton Lookout is a pull-in just off the Great Ocean Road. Whilst exploring this streatch of coatline in 1800, Captin Grant named this cape after a British admiral. The Cape Patton cliffs are some of the highest along the Victoria coast and are embedded with old dinosaur bones in the rock layers of sandstone, siltstone and mudstone.

This section of the Great Ocean Road was built in 1935 by the GOR Trust. It linked the road in Apollo Bay that was built in 1919 to the road from Wye River. Construction on the cliff face was an engineering feat with the road being supported by tonnes of boulders and scree removed from the hillside. This sheerness of the cliffs was apparent especially was we were held up for half an hour along this stretch as a climber was dislodging any loose rocks that may fall on unsuspecting cars passing by.

The view from Cape Patton along the coast to the west was beautiful and well worth pulling in to see.

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