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The Great Ocean Road – Lock Ard Gorge – Twelve Apostles National Park


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With the rest of the day after a morning at the Twelve Apostles we had plenty of time to enjoy Lock Ard Gorge, the Ship Wreak Coast and the rest of the Twelve Apostles National Park.
All the coasts features are amazing along this stretch and we explored this area with excitement, going down to the caves at the bottom of the cliffs and looking at ‘the razorback’ and other features from above. Reading about this coastline was fantastic too the erosion to the rock not only from the waves but the spray and wind too which harden some parts of the rock while the soft parts then crumble away. Realising how fast parts of the coastline was receding and how much was disappearing to the sea I wondered how much would be left in 10 years time.


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