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South Australia’s Wine – Ballast Stone Estate – Cellar Door

Being in South Australia and especially since we are currently staying up above McLaren Valley we thought we should embark on a few tastings.  With over 200 Cellar Doors in this region of South Australia, everywhere you go there are vineyards.  With the current crop about to be picked there is a big buzz in this region about wines at this time of year.

On our route around the Fleurieu Peninsular we came across the Ballast Stone cellar door in Goolwa.  Ballast Stone Estate’s is one of the largest owners of vineyards in McLaren Vale and Currency Creek. Having seen this vinery‘s wines exported back to the UK and with good views out to Hindmarsh Island and Sir Richard Peninsular we were excited to try some of their wines and find out more about the different tastes and types of wine.
As it was our first visit to a cellar door we were quite nervous, our knowledge of wine, just revolving around the few wine makers that we know the name, what we like, what we usually buy and not much else.  It was with nervous anticipation that we entered the cellar door.
Ballast Stone’s cellar door incorporates a cafe and several display stands. We browsed close to the wine tasting area looking at the wine bottles and showing an interest in the wines. Despite the presence of several staff at the tasting section none of them paid us much attention or felt inclined to engage us in anyway despite the fact there was only a couple of other people there.
Thoroughly discouraged by this we left got in our camper and left.  A frustrating start to our exploration of South Australian wines.  The next day we visited Tintara, Hardys wine’s cellar door and were welcomed and enjoyed chatting to their staff about our tastes in wine.


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