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Adelaide Fringe Festival – Street Theatre Festival

Adelaide Fringe Festival 2011 was a spectacular affair and was well worth the visit into Adelaide to see it. We went in while the Adelaide Street Theatre Festival was running and spent most of our time watching these side events. The Garden Of Extraordinary Delights was the main centre and focus of the festival and with so many shows happening here and in theatres around Adelaide it was hard to pick just one show to watch. Most of the evening shows were priced at a reasonable $20-$30 and from the reviews flying around town you would be hard pushed to find a bad one!

On our walk down to the Garden of Extraordinary Delights from the train station we went through the main shopping precinct of Adelaide and there were lots of acts advertising their shows and individuals doing street theatre. As we arrived at the main part of the festival we went into the Street Theatre, set up as a showcase to make available theatre to everyone.
The first act we caught were Popeyed, set up as a Russian lifesaving comedy duo, these slapstick comedians not only put on a genuinely funny act but also performed some incredibly impressive gymnastics.
The only act we decided to see twice was up next and after a quick tour around the Garden of Extraordinary Delights we settled down to watch the Space Cowboy. We weren’t settled in our seats for long, billed as having no less than seven Guinness World Records and with a picture of him breaking the world record for the most amount of swords swallowed at the same time (19 swords!) we were soon squirming in our seats as the Space Cowboy pulled the tools of his trade out of his case and introduced them to us with relish. With a sword, a knife, a chainsaw, axe, meat cleaver, bull whips and a 3 meter unicycle the Space Cowboy put on a 40 minute show I will never forget. Fear, awe, disbelief, laughter and with more thrills than a roller coaster without the moving seat.
The other acts displayed in the Adelaide Street Theatre that day were amazing as-well and our entire day was brilliant. The acts put on at the Street Theatre relied on donations from the crowd at the end of their performances with many of the acts declaring that for them although it was their livelihood they also wanted to make their acts accessible to everyone, declaring their shows a gift to their audience who could not afford a donation.
In the evening we were dazzled by the incredible football juggling of Victor Rubiter, Victor also stars in the Guiness Book Of World Records for his football jugging. Victors act is so much more than just his juggling talent, his humour had the whole audience laughing, clapping, cheering and mexican waving throughout.
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