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Route 87 – Stuart Highway – Adelaide to Alice Springs at 80km per hour!

Leaving Adelaide was bitter sweet, we have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Mclaren Vale thanks to our Wwoofing hosts Angie and Leon yet it was time to move on. Our next stop was Alice Springs via Uluru, Ayers Rock.

Uluru was going to be a very special visit for us, being one of the main reasons for travelling halfway across the world to see this amazing country.
Leaving Adelaide and measuring distance in petrol prices that slowly crept up with every petrol station that we stopped at, we crawled our way north at 80km per hour. Travelling at such a slow speed was to our advantage in many ways, Dori our beloved campervan was able to sip on just the minimum amount of petrol to cruise along saving up money. We were also able to keep her engine temperature down in the heat of the outback, even so she easily drank a litre of water in her radiator every day!
The other advantage of travelling so slowly was that we could enjoy the beauty of the outback all the more. The adverse weather conditions that Australia has experienced this year has culminated in the outback getting an extremely rare amount of rainfall and as a result this usually barren land has fresh greenery in abundance, a sight that not many people will ever see.
Our overnight stops, camping in the many rest areas available along the edge of the road has been exciting, many are recessed back in to the outback away from the highway. Although at the end of each day we have been tired and weary after lots of travelling we have been treated to some great sunsets and starlit nights.
Driving along Stuart Highway, route 87 has been an unforgettable experience waving to everyone passing by from our little van as road trains thunder by, rocking poor Dori’s suspension! Watching emus and huge birds of prey flying along has been great, the outback is full of wildlife and we have definitely got our ‘Aussie salutes’ perfected!
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