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Jumping Crocs in Kakadu National Park

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Jumping Crocodiles! Well that was something we had to see! We were having a few days in Kakadu National Park which has been hit with one of the worst wet seasons for a while with plenty of flooding and plenty of roads in disrepair.

It has to be said this is par for the course during the wet season up here but this year the prolonged nature of it has delayed the arrival of the dry season here when all the tourists flock to the Darwin area.  Despite the fact much of the park was closed we thoroughly enjoyed our time in Kakadu National Park with the crocodiles, snakes, ants and millions of mosquitoes!

One of the places that was very much open was the Jumping Crocs boat cruises and after paying our $35 per adult we all jumped on the two story boat that would take us up the Adelaide River. With only a few people aboard our 3pm boat we were able to roam round the boat to see these magnificent creatures. With an informative and interesting patterthe captain steered us down the river introducing us to the crocs whilst his crew hung the meat off the side tempting the crocs to jump.

We didn’t have long to wait and I shall let the pictures show you how cool it was, absolutely top notch! An added bonus was the Kites on the way back who were lured in by the crew before they opened the bar and we had a cold cider on the rest of the journeyback. A fantastic tour.

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