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REVIEW – ebook – Extreme Perspectives by Alexandre Buisse

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Being new to the Ebook format I decided it was about time that I had a look to see what books were out there to spend my hard earned money on. Conveniently this conscientious thought co-insided with an article about a new book released by Alexandre Buisse called Extreme Perspectives, from online blog PictureCorrect. It seemed too good an opportunity to miss with my interests in outdoor, extreme sports and photography combined this could be a good way to start my ebook library!

It has to be said that I thoroughly enjoyed this Ebook which is largely made up of an informative self critique by Buisse of some of his favourite and most successful images, which guides you through the dos and don’ts of mountaineering photography.  As Buisse says himself, he believes that his learning in climbing and mountaineering photography can be applied to any outdoor extreme sports and I would have to agree. You don’t have to enjoy the great outdoors to appreciate the outstanding stories depicted by his photographs and the use of fine technique. Within the book Buisse explains his gear choices and includes some photographic philosophies he tries to uphold whilst shooting and with his post production.

Craft & Vision who published this Ebook has a mission statement on their website to: create the best value in photographic education through ridiculously low-priced eBooks.  Their website also carries titles from photographers like Dave Delnea and Andrew S. Gibson as-well as  David duChemin, the best-selling author of Within The Frame.

Extreme Perspectives – Alexandre Buisse is available from the Craft & Vision website for immediate download for just $5.  In my opinion it is a fantastic ebook which I thoroughly enjoyed reading and no doubt I shall be referring back to the Craft and Vision website to extend my ebook library.

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