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Funny Shots of Animals

Funny animals at the Zoo – Images by Thomas Jupe

These photos, shot at a wild animal sanctuary & conservation park were a bonus for my catalogue.

It was a day trip planned for my girlfriend earlier last year but I couldn’t resist taking the camera to capture some of the animals characteristics and personalities.

The park is South Lakes animal park in Cumbria it houses many animals from many parts of the world!

The park was an idea created and developed solely by David Gill. At the time of the construction back in 1993/4, he was an animal nutritionist with no connections to zoos, but a desire to see education and conservation brought into the public awareness by the reality of a close, wild experience, an experience for all to react to assist worldwide conservation issues. The then 32-year-old father of two, built the park with his own hands and to this day, still designs and builds all the facilities around the zoo now with the help and assistance of the large staff.

I was touched by the conservation work done by the park and would recommend visiting the park


Wild An

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I have uploaded my photos for this album in colour and black and white because I think they look awesome in black and white!

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