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Photoshelter SEO – Social Networking Sites – Twitter

If you have been following my blog so far you will have seen I have been posting about how to improve your SEO rating and promote your Photoshelter account using Social networking sites.  In my last post I covered all about You Tube and how posting a video of my images to You Tube improved my rating.  If you haven’t read it already I suggest you go back and read it!

In this post I am going to tell you about how using twitter can help boost your hits on your account.

Briefly, for people who have never used twitter fully, twitter is a micro blogging site where you can post ‘tweets’ or extracts of short text.

You can find my twitter account at http://www.twitter.com/nomadtj if you already have an account please do follow me. If not sign up and follow me!

So content, what do I post about?

When it comes down to it you have to be quite careful about what you post.  You cannot just post a series of links to your site and be done and hope people will have a look for a couple of reasons.

1. No one will be interested in your page! Fact: Its the cyber equivalent of sitting in a pub and only talking about yourself! Unless you are a mini celebrity or a celebrity like Stephen Fry no-one is going to look at your page for very long and will not follow any links.

2. Crawlers like what Google uses to find out how popular your website is will recognize that the content on your page is poor and see that you have loads of pointless links to your website and mark you down for it.

This doesn’t mean we cannot put our own links on our page but we have to lace it up with some interesting content.

My Twitter I describe as Tweets about SEO for photography, links to inspirational photographers and photoshop techniques.  All of my followers then know that I have got lots of interesting content to look at.

Tweeting types:

1.  Tweeting: Plain simple, find something interesting make a mini link to it and post it with an opinion for example

nomadtj “loving the photos on FungiPhoto.com Mushroom Photo Catalog http://su.pr/AHVVVi


nomadtj “SEO Basic … have you submitted to http://www.dmoz.org/The open Directorys Project, not just google?”

to shorten my links I use http://bit.ly where you copy and paste the link you want into it and press go and it gives you a shortened version.

2.  Re Tweeting:  This is where you can take what a friend that you are following is tweeting and repost it so all your followers can see it.  In several instances it is a great way to get content onto your page but too much will mean that you are just reposting other peoples opinions which if we were back down the pub noone is going to find interesting.

3.  Self Tweeting:  Telling people about your site.  From Photoshelter this is simple, you can go to a gallery or a specific and click the tweet this and up it pops on your profile.  I tend to post a photo of the day on my twitter and whenever I add a new gallery post it as well.  Having a blog I also have updates for this also.

Let me break down my Tweeting as follows:

New Content searched for by me  (Tweeting)  ……….    70%

Re Tweets    …………………………………………………    15%

Links to my site & blog updates  (Self Tweeting)  …..    15%

Don’t just be self centered about twitter, often spending the time reading other peoples tweets can help.  For Example:

I read and followed a link from Chase Jarvis a well known, very popular photographer where he had snapped the view from his window with his iphone and posted it and invited everyone else to do the same.  I took a panoramic view off my balcony of Val D’isere where I am currently living at and posted it with reference to Chase’s post. As result it is now the most viewed picture in my Photoshelter galleries!

Finding Followers for your twitter account:

The only way to get followers is to follow people and hope they return the favour if they find your page interesting.  To find interesting people to follow sign up to people through a list from a website like


You could also have a look at who I am following and add some of them that are relevant to you and look at who they are following and so on.

I am sorry but that is all from me today have a look at my other posts and sign up to twitter!

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Find me on twitter as Nomadtj

Go back and look at my Blog Photoshelter SEO – Social Networking Sites – YOUTUBE

Thank you for reading.

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