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Photoshelter SEO – Social Networking Sites – YOUTUBE

In my previous Blog I outlined the first step on the road to SEO for Photoshelter Accounts. That post was going to have all the information in but unfortunately it looks like I have got a long job ahead of me so I am going to continue in a series of posts so if you wish to follow me please add a book mark or follow my RSS Feed.

The following is a list of sites I have signed up to for my photo business.

You Tube:    


Linked In:


There are some other sites but these are the main ones.  I will cover the rest in another post as-well as going into more in-depth details about how I use each site.

Lets start today with YOU TUBE.

It may seem strange for you to try and image why you tube is top of my list but it has directed a lot of traffic to my site and I’ll explain why.  The reason I came across this as an idea was from browsing SEO ideas for shops.  One post I came across suggested posting you tube videos showing how products are used as so many people use you tube as a search engine.

I took this idea and decided to make the following video.

Thomas Jupe – Photographs of Ennerdale Valley – Lake District

As a result I had a couple of people included this video in their blogs with links to my website.  In my google analytics it shows up how many referals from youtube to my site I received and it was significant!  I have made a resolution to make one of these videos for each of my galleries … watch this space!

To make these sort of videos it is very simple, I took the images in my gallery and batch resized them so they were quite low in resolution and inserted them into the movie maker on my mac.  You can use windows media maker or any similar free software to make it.  I added some music and some titles at the start, the whole process doesn’t take long at all.  Once I uploaded the photos to my You Tube account it was just a case of copy pasting some of the text off my gallery on photoshelter and adding a few tags.  Easy!

Thats all for now folks but keep following for more information of how to promote your Photoshelter Account using Social Media Sites including twitter, linked in and facebook.

If you wish please visit my site and view the Stock Images By Thomas Jupe on Photoshelter.

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