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Ida Bay Railway – Australias southern-most railway – Tasmania

While we were in Tasmania we headed down to Southport to see the Ida Bay Railway. A small independantly owned railway which meanders around 14km from the Lune River Station, along the banks of Ida Bay and Lune River Estuary to Southport Lagoon. It was originally set up by a 10 Bob pom criminal who after gaining his freedom in the 1800s then decided to forrest the Tasmanian hardwood found in the area. After several enterprises including brick building he and his family then replaced the wooden railway with metal rails in order to quarry the limestone found in the area.

Tourists are able to visit the area and camp out in the bush at the end of the line overnight and get the train back the next day.

The Ida Bay Railway, with a new owner and management and a lot of hard work has turned into a fantastic day out. We travelled along the tracks marvelling at the views and stopping in places to jump off the train to listen to the history behind the railway. We had lots of time at the end of the line to see the beautiful beach and scenery before jumping back on for the return journey to the station.

A wonderful lesser known tourist attraction well worth a visit.

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