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Sea Shepard – Gojira – Greenpeace on steroids!

While we were in Hobart there was a lot in the news about the Sea Shepard crew who were docked in the harbour carrying out maintenance and restocking their supplies before heading out to rage a war against the whaling boats out at sea. While they were docked they were doing a lot of promotion with local and national news crews promoting their cause.

The crew are certainly dedicated and it is considered and honour to be able to serve as crew upon the ships owned by Sea Shepard. When I went down they were carrying out repairs to their high speed catamaran, Gojira. Gojira, although the smallest of their fleet is by far one of the most effective.

The Sea Shepard has recently registered their fleet in Australia after a rubbing paint with whaling vessels in the hope that they can get support from the Australian millitary. Sea Shepard has always been after the backing of the Australian Government to stop the barbaric whaling by the Japanese in Australian waters.

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