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Koalas at the conservation park – Phillip Island

Today we went to see the Koalas at the conservation centre on Phillip Island, Australia.

Koalas are an arboreal marsupial who feed on eucalyptus leaves. Many people refer to Koalas as a “Koala Bear” but this is considered incorrect as bears are of no relation to the cuddly looking tree climbers. Contrary to their cuddly appearance can be devastatingly vicious when cornered, a few of the locals will tell stories of farm dogs coming off worse in an altercation!

I was amazed at how much the population of Koalas has fluctuated in recent years and how close these fascinating creatures came to extinction.

It was an awesome visit and I shot far too many photographs, like on a portrait sitting that you are getting too many great shots to stop. It has been incredibly hard to whittle them down to a select few but here they are for your viewing pleasure!

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