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The Great Ocean Road – Overnight stop with Carlos the Koala!

2011, Aire River, Australia, Camp Ground, East, eating leaves, Great Ocean Road, Gum tree, Koala, Nature, Overnight, Stop over, Victoria, West, Wild

Travelling around in our blue camper van has been a truly amazing experience. The other night we stayed at one of Victoria’s free campsites. Aires River East Campground is a fantastic place to stop overnight with good facilities. Toilets (with loo paper!) Fire pits and great surroundings that we have found common with these overnight stopovers. While we were sitting enjoying the arrival of the evening, reading our books next to our camper, we were treated to the arrival of Carlos the koala! He climbed up into the tree we were parked next to and proceeded to munch away! We were delighted as (the quickly dubbed) Carlos was the first wild koala we had seen and it was especially rare to have him to ourselves without a large audience.

Carlos spent the night with us sleeping in the tree and in the morning he woke when we did and proceeded to dismount the tree without an ounce of grace, landing with an undignified thump on the floor having fallen!

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